Tuesday, July 20, 2010


The highly acclaimed Indian Railways is so far one of the single biggest killers of 2010 after the Maoists ...Once again there has been a devastating railway accident. This time a collision between two trains at Saithiya, West Bengal....shattering 60 to death....leaving over 120 grievously injured...many 100's widowed or orphaned and true to tradition,O ACCOUNTABLE. what we can do, however, is pray for those affected and offer our help in any way we can ...being presumptuous enough to think we understand their plight would not be apt at the moment...just think.. scores of families torn apart...little ones orphaned...when u add to this the Jnaneswari Express Massacre sometime back..it makes u secretly dread boarding an express...your ticket to the afterlife literally !

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  1. Ki r bolbo roj roj train accident!! tobe ami joto dur jani driver er cha(tea)te drugs misiye deowa hoechilo..........