Thursday, July 15, 2010


The Union Cabinet today stamped its approval on the new symbol of the Rupee incorporating from Devnagri and Roman scripts. The big question, however, on everybody's lips does not change despite this recent face-lift. In a country such as ours, where abject poverty resides amongst the masses, when inflation's turning northwards, where disparities plague the very system we once created for ourselves- is it justified to divert the focus away from such vital issues to superficial displays of national fervour over the changing look of our currency....Tell me will this change of symbol of the mighty rupee make any sense to all those in our nation living in sub-saharan conditions.....Some might argue that the government is doing it's bit in working for the needy& that there is no conflict of interest between the change of the symbol and poverty alleviation....point humble submission is how can you then justify the equality symbol in parallel lines (depicted on this new symbol of the rupee)often indicative of the gap existing between the rich and the neddy in our society...Is it not a brazen display of dichotomy, especially at times, such as this when every conceivable commodity is pinching the pocket of the middle class ever more by the day, can u think of the plight of those lying below the line of poverty ?. Until the day you relieve them of their sufferings might as well omit that equality sign on this newly designed rupee, a misfit especially in times of acute economic crisis of a rich nation inhabited by its poor masters...

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