Tuesday, March 5, 2013


The summer sky was all blue and clear
And the morning breeze whispered in my ears

Of distant lands unknown,
To cherish, love and behold.
Life had never seemed to be so much fun
As if a well choreographed dance

Few birds sat twittering in their nests,
Nurturing the young ones with love intense
The forest had suddenly come alive
Full of vigor, spirit and melodious sights

All of a sudden two sounds were heard-
While the first came a raging gun,
The latter, from the dead bird’s silent fall

The killer beast looked like you and me,
Can you see one within thee ?

                                                 -Raja Chakraverty

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Culture Capital of India .......What's That ?

An observation from inaugural speech at event at 18th KIFF..

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Indian Presidential elections of 2012- Much Ado about Nothing ?

Like the previous ones so far it has been a year  ridden with graft charges being labelled at the highest offices of power with  one scam after another surfacing from pandora's box. At such a juncture, all this the hullabaloo over the election of a ceremonial President makes little sense if u ask me.... Mr.Mukherjee or Sangma..whoever it is that will adorn Raisina Hills will matter very little to the common man....the counterpoint of prestige of the Nation being at stake is a non-issue, especially for a Nation struggling to retain its economy in order...Issues of Farmer suicides , malnourishment of our children, beggary ,women trafficking have been sidelined and deprioritised one feels....all this for a mere ceremonial president....is it worth the effort ? I , for one, certainly don't care...does that make me any less a citizen than the rest ?

Our Government certainly needs to get its priorities right !