Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Indian Presidential elections of 2012- Much Ado about Nothing ?

Like the previous ones so far it has been a year  ridden with graft charges being labelled at the highest offices of power with  one scam after another surfacing from pandora's box. At such a juncture, all this the hullabaloo over the election of a ceremonial President makes little sense if u ask me.... Mr.Mukherjee or Sangma..whoever it is that will adorn Raisina Hills will matter very little to the common man....the counterpoint of prestige of the Nation being at stake is a non-issue, especially for a Nation struggling to retain its economy in order...Issues of Farmer suicides , malnourishment of our children, beggary ,women trafficking have been sidelined and deprioritised one feels....all this for a mere ceremonial president....is it worth the effort ? I , for one, certainly don't care...does that make me any less a citizen than the rest ?

Our Government certainly needs to get its priorities right !

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