Thursday, August 11, 2011

English Cricket Team shows India who's Boss...

I am upset . Very upset. I have reasons to be. As a cricket fan in a nation that takes pride in its national side fanatically, the ongoing England-India Test series has left me disheartened with a series whitewash looming large and Indian defeat seeming the obvious conclusion.

By the time I will have finished writing my blog, India's position would have deteriorated further and unless saved by the riots (which is pacifying ) or the weather, India can do no more than watch them going down 0-3 in the series and with it , lose their place as the "numero-uno" test side in international cricket.

Another test match is left, but the blame game has begun and the ever so fimiliar picture of the 90's is here for everyone to see. Yes, we must stand up for our team and not be unduly critical but we also must state facts, how harsh they may sound.

India has been simply outplayed in the series and I don't see that changing just yet. Call it the t20 effect or what u like...bottomline is this....India is about to lose the series comprehensively, Indian players failed , We are mightily dissapointed as a nation that loves its cricket !


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