Friday, August 13, 2010


1.Devastating floods hit Leh in J& K. Cause seems to be Cloudburst...toll on life and property unprecedented. Many missing. Floods also kill many in Pakistan.

2. Inflation continues to pinch the pocket of the common Indian.... hearting to hear that even in this acute shortage crisis owing to a lackluster monsoon, there seems to be no shortage of food grains for this not crime enough for punitive action ?

3.The a-political rally at Lalgarh was in the news for reasons more than one. Was she or was she not...that's the question on everyone's lips instead of will they or will they not.

4. "Common-Wealth" Games is turning out to be a saviour of sorts for the Indian media. Where did you'll last come across such a nice punching -bag ?. By the way it also goes on to show India's perennial under preparedness at hosting such world events...but that's not important, right ?.It merely shows that- Money in the pocket is money spent.

5. Where and with whom does the buck stop on the issue concerning Bhopal Gas Tragedy? I guess we'll need another 25 years for ascertaining that too....and compensation...never mind that ! I am sure the victims can manage without them... extradition of Warren Anderson and the curative need for it. why accuse a nice man who couldn't even hurt a fly but somehow ended up killing or maiming generations of deprived Indian citizens and will continue to do so in times to come with a bit of help from our apt politicians.

6. Superbug -an antibiotic resistant bacteria is traced back to India . This requires our foremost attention.

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